Our story

Start-up support project no. 2014-2020.5.01.20-1936
With the help of the start-up support project no. 2014-2020.5.01.20-1936, Sortaider acquired the necessary fixed assets to provide CNC milling services. The project supports the goals of Sortaider OÜ: to create new jobs and increase the company's export capacity. The project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The amount of support was 14,612 euros.


Sortaider’s beginnings lie in the need for waste sorting in domestic settings. We envisioned an ideal all-inclusive solution, made of natural material, that looks esthetic and is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Thus our first designs were put on paper, leading finally to premium quality products that are made of birch plywood and are easy to combine with one another as required to set up a sorting station - a Sortaider.




Sortaider product design has in cooperation with our customers undergone a number of necessary updates; however, our original principles – the joggled solution (no screws) and the flat packaging remain as features characteristic of Sortaider.

We care about Sortaider’s transparent DNA, enabling us to ensure that our products leave as small of an ecological footprint as possible.
Sortaider’s products are created by our designers Olavi, Johannes and Peeter, adhering to a functional and tasteful Nordic style. Our products function rather as elements that are integrated in the interior design.  Sortaider design can be recognized by its characteristic features that pop out visually at first glance.
Sortaider products are packaged in parts. The products are assembled using a joggled solution; assembly of our products is very quick and does not require any separate tools or accessories.  
Our design concept from the start has been to resolve the global need for an environmentally sounder lifestyle. To that end, we use sustainable materials that meet contemporary requirements. All this combined is Sortaider, unique among others!

Sortaider’s product selection includes three primary colors – dark brown, white, and grey. These colors harmonize well with most widely used interior design solutions. 
Sortaider products are made of high quality Baltic laminated birch veneer. The veneer is 6.5 mm thick, weatherproof, and easily cleaned. The outer and inner edges of all of our products have been file finished to be splinter free.
The inside of the Sortaider container lid holds waste sorting instructions. These instructions enable one to determine the particular application of a container. Different types of waste are depicted in different colors. The same colors are used both in the text body of the instructions and on the indicative sticker on the container lid.
In addition, the relevant waste type icon is engraved in the front panel of the containers to which can be added (or which can be replaced by) the description of the corresponding waste type in text format.